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Printed Chocolates Gifts packs

Edible colors are used to print on the chocolates. It is safe for consumption. They are packed in customized wooden boxes in size 230 x 150 x 32 mm.Top layer is white chocolate where printing is done while the bottom is dark chocolate...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,116
Customised Wooden Box18 Printed ChocolatesBox Size: 330 x 150 x 32 mm..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,620
Choose this 2 fold premium golf umbrella from Consortium Gifts that has very smooth manual open and manual close inbuilt feature. Its long and non-foldable quality makes it even more unique and convenient to use for everyone. ..
Ex Tax:Rs.216
Customized Wooden Box4 Printed ChocolatesBox Size: 130 x 100 x 32 mm..
Ex Tax:Rs.396
Customised Wooden Box3 Printed & 3 Assorted ChocolatesBox Size: 180 x 100 x 32 mm..
Ex Tax:Rs.558
An old family favourite in all its gorgeous rich golden ambered glory. This is sure to make your breakfast truly special...
Ex Tax:Rs.294
Dark chocolatecandied orangeDark chocolate lightly salted caramelDark chocolate mintDark chocolate rumMilk chocolate truffleWhite chocolate nutellaWhite chocolate truffle with strawberryWhite chocolate truffle with orange..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,296
This box of 8 artisanal chocolate truffles is crafted with the highest quality ingredients to create a decadent and luxurious experience.This box makes for a perfect gift for any chocolate lover or a special treat for yourself. Enjoy the flavor of rich dark chocolate with a hint of sweetness in..
Ex Tax:Rs.624
Customized Wooden BoxRegular Printed Bar (40 x 88 mm)Box Size: 100 x 53 x 32 mm..
Ex Tax:Rs.838
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