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FRAGRANCE VAPORIZEROne ceramic vaporizer, 5 ml oil and 2 tea lights Fragrance Available: Lemon Grass..
Ex Tax:Rs.275
FRAGRANCE VAPORIZERDiamond Design ceramic vaporizer, 2 tea lights and 15 ml oil Fragrance Available: Tangerine..
Ex Tax:Rs.610
FRAGRANCE GIFTSBox containing one decorative pot, 8 reed sticks,60 ml reed diffuser oil, 50g of potpourri in acetate box and 5ml potpourri refresher oil. Fragrances Available: French Lavender and Lemon Grass..
Ex Tax:Rs.486
Gel Bead Air FreshenerLasting Time: 25-30 DaysGel Bead: 198 gmsAvailable in:Fresh Cut RosesLavender ChamomileLemonEucalyptus Raindrops..
Ex Tax:Rs.126
The Loco Myst 3 in 1 Train Shaped Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser is a unique and innovative product that serves three purposes - humidifying the air, diffusing fragrance, and serving as an attractive decorative item in your home or office.The Loco Myst 3 in 1 Train Shaped Humidifier & Aroma Dif..
Ex Tax:Rs.962
Potpourri 150gm Available in:Apple CinnamonFrench VanillaRoseFresh LinenLemon GrassFresh Lavender..
Ex Tax:Rs.154
Reed Diffuser Pot Gift SetCeramic Pot (1 N) Diffuser Fragrance Oil Per Pc: 50mlAvailable in:Amber RoseAqua SpaCitrus Zest and Orange Blossom..
Ex Tax:Rs.297
Amazing fragrance can lighten the environment of your office and home at any time while bringing positivity all around. So why not choose Reed Diffuser Scents from Consortium Gifts in bulk. These perfect set of diffuser is delivered at your doorstep with complete safety.  Product details·&n..
Ex Tax:Rs.450
Consortium gifts bring to you the best Reed diffuser perfume that one can subtly scent into the air, while making every corner of office and home fragranced. The smell lasts throughout the day. Feel free to place your order in bulk. Product detailsBox containing one ceramic pot ,6 reeds of 9..
Ex Tax:Rs.243
Go ahead and get this REED DIFFUSER online from Consortium Gifts. This wonderful range of iris home fragrances is the perfect choice. This iris home fragrances is the perfect set of diffuser to choose.                ..
Ex Tax:Rs.361
REED DIFFUSERDiamond cuts ceramic jar with 6 fibre reed sticks & 200 ml oil Fragrance Available: Coral Blue..
Ex Tax:Rs.972
Reed Diffuser - Pot Gift SetContent: Fragrance Oil Per Pc: 20ml(2 x 10ml Glass Bottle)Available in:Apple & CinnamonFrench VanillaFresh LavenderLemon GrassOrchard BlossomRoseFresh LinenJasmine and Sandalwood ..
Ex Tax:Rs.110
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