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FRAGRANCE VAPORIZERSmall electrical vaporizer lamp Ceramic vaporizer with 40 watt electric bulb..
Ex Tax:Rs.810
FRAGRANCE VAPORIZERSleek cut electric vaporizer lamp Ceramic vaporizer with 40 watt electric bulb..
Ex Tax:Rs.972
FRAGRANCE VAPORIZERElectrical vaporizer lamp Ceramic vaporizer with 60 watt electric bulb..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,423
Citronella Bucket CandleBurning Time: 28-30 HrsWax Per Pc: 120 gms..
Ex Tax:Rs.181
Diffuser Fragrance Oil Per Pc: 100mlNo. of Fiber Reeds Per Pc: 6Available in:Apple CinnamonVanilla LatteBlue LavenderMidnight RosePure JasmineOrchard Blossom  ..
Ex Tax:Rs.258
VAPORIZER JARS Diamond cut vaporizer jar..
Ex Tax:Rs.405
FRAGRANCE GIFTSBox containing 20 incense sticks, 10 cones, 10 ml vaporizer oil , 3 tea lights, one vaporizer and one incense holder Fragrances Available : Apple Cinnamon and Lavender..
Ex Tax:Rs.448
FRAGRANCE GIFTSBox containing one ceramic pot, 30 ml reed diffuser oil, 6 reed sticks, 2 decorative glow light candles and 90g potpourri. Fragrance Available: French Lavender..
Ex Tax:Rs.486
• Available in Rose variant• Beautiful and elegant fragrance• instantly lifts your mood• creates a sensual atmosphere• Product Contains: Set of 10 gms Potpori, 5 Incense Incense, 5 Cones, 2 Aromatic Rose Variant Floating Candle and Holder..
Ex Tax:Rs.124
This festive season, choose a perfect set of Fragrance vaporizers from Consortium gifts. This Fragrance Vaporizer set can be gifted to your employees, clients, and anyone this Diwali. So beautify the environment with an ultimate Vaporizer set in a perfect way. Product details ..
Ex Tax:Rs.367
FRAGRANCE VAPORIZEROne ceramic vaporizer , 5 ml oil and 2 tea lights Fragrance Available: Amber Rose..
Ex Tax:Rs.221
FRAGRANCE VAPORIZEROne ceramic vaporizer, 5 ml oil and 2 tea lights Fragrance Available: Apple Cinnamon..
Ex Tax:Rs.243
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