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Festive Dry Fruits Packs

Indian Long Raisins - 200g Jumbo Cashew nuts - 200g California Walnuts - 200g Jumbo California Almonds - 200g Roasted PistachiosLightly salted -  200g..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,310
Sports Mix - 350gKaimi Dates - 350g Mix Berries - 200g Cranberries- Dried & Sliced - 200g Roasted Pistachios, Lightly salted - 200g Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts - 200g..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,986
Choose the perfect set of Diwali gift boxes from Consortium that includes Nutty Sports mix, mix berries, and Kalmi dates. If you are looking for the Diwali gift box price, then we assure you to give the best and most cost-effective Diwali products in bulk. Product details •Sports Mix 350 g ..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,425
Roasted Cashew Nuts, Lightly salted - 100gMix Berries - 100gRoasted Almonds, Lightly salted - 100g..
Ex Tax:Rs.726
Barbeque Almonds ~ 100 g Super Seeds Mix ~ 100g Mom's Superfood Mix~ 100g..
Ex Tax:Rs.781
•Jumbo Roasted Cashew Nuts lightly salted 100 g•Jumbo Roasted Almonds, •lightly salted 100 g..
Ex Tax:Rs.502
This Diwali treat your guests with a delicious collection of dry fruits Roasted Almonds, Lightly Salted~l00g Roasted Cashew Nuts, Lightly Salted~ 100gRoasted Pistachios, Lightly Salted~ 100g Mix Berries ~ 100g..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,155
•Jumbo Roasted Almonds, lightly salted 100 g•Jumbo Roasted Cashew Nuts, lightly salted 100 g•Barbeque Blend 100 g •Mix Berries 100g..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,036
Opt for the best Diwali Gift Box that includes Sports Mix, Kalmi dates, Mix Berries and Dried Cranberries in an adequate amount. This Diwali chooses a healthier range of Gift boxes online.      Product Details • Sports Mix 350 g • Kalmi Dates 350 g • Mix Berries 200 g •..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,814
Roasted Cashew NutsLightly salted~l00g Mix Berries~ l00g ..
Ex Tax:Rs.0
•Jumbo Roasted Cashew Nuts,lightly salted 100 g•Jumbo Roasted Almonds, lightly salted 100 g •Mix Berries 100 g..
Ex Tax:Rs.648
Roasted Almonds, Lightly Salted~ 24g Roasted Cashew Nuts, Lightly Salted~ 21 g Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts~ 21 g Barbeque Almonds ~21 g Thai Chilli Blend ~24g Sports Mix~ 30g Spicy Trail Mix~ 24g..
Ex Tax:Rs.434
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