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A successful onboarding process is built on making new employees feel welcomed. It is important to get off to a good start with them and build a strong working relationship so they can start productiv..
20 Jul Looking for some best corporate gifts? We the perfect options for you.
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Gift your team, clients, family, or yourself with the best gifts possible! We have got you a variety of gifts that will boost the morale of your employees that are truly unique, thoughtful, and meanin..
23 Jul How to Balance Budget, Quality and Quantity
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Purchasing promotional items, corporate gifts, and budgeted products involves much more than just enjoying how your logo appears on something. There are choices to be made regarding the caliber of the..
02 Dec Gifts For Overseas Trips and Foreign Visitors
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In the current global corporate world, a lot of managers and executives take business trips abroad. As a result, giving gifts to clients from different cultures is becoming more and more popular. Howe..
17 Sep Some Types of Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts
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With hundreds of thousands of Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items available, it is impossible to list them all here. But the following is an overview of some popular choices and how they are best us..
03 Oct Unique Diwali Gifting Hampers
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Giving and getting Diwali gifts always makes us feel good, and here at Consortium Gifts, we have some unique food product gift ideas for Diwali that are guaranteed to make your loved ones happy.One fe..
22 Sep Best Diwali Decoration Gifting
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Diwali, the festival of lights, is rapidly approaching. This holiday season brings with it a whole new level of responsibility in terms of gifting the right thing to your loved ones.Diwali's positive ..
03 Oct Personalise Your Own Diwali Gifting Hampers
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Diwali is arguably the most popular and well-known Indian holiday globally, even among non-Indians. Aside from a nice gesture, giving and receiving gifts around Diwali is customary.It is essential to ..
02 Dec Don't miss out on these new year's gifts
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This new year begins with a hint of celebration since this is the first special occasion of the year. People's gift signifies love and kickstarts the new year ahead. Nowadays, people, one can find a w..
02 Dec New Year Gift Ideas For Employees
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New year is around the corner now, It's time to gift your clients, employees, and friends with amazing gifts and best wishes for a fantastic way to start the new year. Gifting is an important culture ..
07 Dec Variety Of Notebooks For New Year Gifts
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No matter whatever you plan choose to corporate gifts for your employees, Notebook will continue to be private and ad-free, and we're committed to giving you high-quality features. We know you'll love..
16 Dec New Year Gifts That Will Make Amazing Impression
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The start of a brand-new year brings in new aspirations and goals. By erasing unpleasant memories, it also provides a fresh start of 365 days with renewed ambitions and a happy perspective. Give your ..
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