Consortium Gifts is one of the best corporate gifting company not only in Noida but also in Asia. CGPL is established in 1999 with 15 years of experience in the business. 

They offer some of the finest products & brands available in the world today. They bring awesome arrangements of products like Puma, Shantanu Nikhil, Swarovski, Brand Charger, Liverpool, Casio, Boardroom to name a few you are assured of only the finest offerings. 

 The products includes have been very selectively handpicked from some of the best and most efficient factories not only in India but around the world. 

• Consortium Gifts is one of the only gifting companies in the country that run an ERP, run SMS based delivery updating system.

• We also have our own youtube and Vimeo channels where we constantly upload great videos of our new and bestselling products.

• started from scratch, we have achieved great visibility and credibility in the industry, not only in India but also in the Middle East, Singapore, and Europe. 

• Starting with Maruti Suzuki in 1999 as our first client, we now have over 300 clients in the Delhi - NCR region alone. Maruti incidentally remains one of our top 5 clients even after 15 years. 

• 85% of our clients are big global companies and our dealings with them now extend beyond just supplies for their Indian operations.

• Our firm belief that good infrastructure would be the backbone for quality services, we have constantly upgraded our setup and a few years ago moved into our new headquarters in the heart of Noida. We have taken gifting to the next level by creating an online corporate gifting platform to enable employees, channel partners, customers, and clients to buy great company-branded merchandise online. We firmly believe that this platform will truly be the future of the gifting & promotions business in India.