The COVID-19 pandemic has a substantial impact on everyone. How people shop for their necessities as well as not-so-necessities, has completely changed with this virus outbreak. Since this Contagion has occurred, online shopping has catapulted into complete overdrive. For a large number of people buying essentials online is becoming a “New Normal”. While panic buying may have slowed in some countries, consumers continue to stock up COVID products in bulk. 


Brands are having to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs & hence we at Consortium Gifts have compiled Covid-19 products after understanding the buying the behavior of our consumers & tend to provide every product with complete safety & sanity to restrict the widespread of this virus. We are confident that with the right practices and adequate social distancing, we can help curb the spread. 


Our COVID Products Includes:


PPE kits “Saviour” Our PPE Kit is Lightweight coverall. It is accompanied by a certificate of quality as specified. With safety Goggles, gloves, mask, personal protection suit, and disposable bag, it will reach to you in 3-4 days.

  • Face shield

Our disposable Face The shield comes with an Optically Clear Visor and Adjustable Head Band. You can also use it for a longer period.

  • Infrared thermometer

This one-second quick the temperature measurement device is enhanced with High precision infrared sensor and gives reliable performance. It automatically saves the last temperature measurement and it holds Large-screen LCD, high-brightness backlight, bright and soft display. 

  • The MODA - N95 face mask –

It is made up of high-quality composite fabric, this N95 face mask that is soft and breathable. It is enhanced with an Adjustable nose clip that provides comfort & it is a seal safety mask. 

  • When it comes to the Protection mask, we bring a wide variety such as The WSX - KN95 face mask. This is soft and breathable with an Adjustable nose clip that provides comfort and safety seal 6-ply KN95 safety mask. 


  • You can also order our COVID 19 mask in bulk like 3 ply surgical mask with nose pin. It is made with non-woven fabric: better bacteria filtration and air permeability.


  • Go ahead with our LN95 Reusable Outdoor Protection Mask 3-Layered system middle layer Antibacterial Filter Paper. It has broader face coverage for maximum protection. The soft inner fabric is available with Bio-wash Microbial for extended & comfortable usage. 


Amidst facing new challenges of this virus every day, we have created a healthier version of ourselves and have taken an oath to deal with this situation with our grit and determination. And to safeguard the health of everyone, we have initiated safety measures to protect them from this virus outbreak. Also, without fail, we are making every possible effort to deliver your token of care & safety seamlessly at your doorstep.